Green Garden School and Centre is a registered in the Republic off Kenya as Community Based Organization (CBO). We offer quality and affordable education in line with the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). We are located at Kinondo Location, Kwale County near Kinondo Hospital.



At Our Academy


At Green Garden Academy we offer affordable admission to students from all walks of life and we equip each one of them in line with our policy of uplifting and supporting the community. Currently we have got vacancies from Daycare, PP1, PP2, Grade 1 to Grade 7


At Green Garden Academy we have a quiet environment suitable for learning and the space is big enough for co-curricular activities necessary for talent development and nurturing

Martial Arts

At Green Garden Academy we are privileged to be one of the institutions that offer martial arts lessons to volunteering students in line with the CBC activities. Currently we have Judo and Tie-kwondo lessons in our lessons

Aiming for the top by all means

We are focused

Our plans are focused on health, education, employment and empowerment to break the cycle of poverty.

community center where kids get life-changing benefits, like medical care, tutoring, career training and more

Let’s build something great together.